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Takvam is shown on the photos under. It is a small place on Skyggestrand ("Shadow beach") with three farms, hard to cultivate due to steep hills and limited grass field resources. Timbering has played a significant role here, so as sheep farming. The farms have great land for sheep in the mountain areas behind. They also do deer hunting.

Our descendants are spread to Osterøy, Laksevåg, Bønes, Dale around Bergen, but also Seattle, Minnesota, Los Angeles and New Zealand. And of course around in Norway and elsewhere.

A little about history...
The first person connected to the Takvam farm is from the 12th of February 1371, when it was in Bergen in Diplomatarium Norvegicum published that "Sigurd Greipssön kundgjör, at han har mageskiftet indre Takhvam (i Haus) til Abbed Sigurd i Munkelivs Kloster mod Gaarden Landrod.", and further the 12th of Marts 1371 i Haus at "Thjoste Ormssön kundgjör, at han har modtaget Betaling af Sigurd Greipssön for Gaarden Thakhvam, som denne har afkjöbt ham.". The first citation says that Sigurd Greipssön does some business with the Munkeliv Monastry (the abbed), and the second citation says that Thjoste Ormssön confirms that he has received payment from Sigurd Greipssön for the Thakhvam farm.
It is absolutely not sure that any of those mentioned are related to the Takvam genealogical line.
The first person documented living on the Takvam ground is "Gwren" from 1518 ("Guren"). He is registrated owing 16 marks silver ("kjedelbrom", which are pieces of broken chains(!)) to the the king's court in Bergen (secundary source: Lars Martinusson Ådna, Haus i soga og segn, Bergen 1959). Neither Gwren is a documented ancestor.
The first of our documented ancestors in our database is Mikjel Pålson Kvisti (from the Osterøy island?) born 1638. His father is not documented, but probably Pål Mikjelson Romslo (main land?). His father is also not known for certain, but one possibility, Mikjel, is mentioned living in Romslo in 1591 - 1620. Romslo is a village about 3 km along the fjord further east.

Takvam, Takkvam, Takhvam, Thakhvam, Þakkuammir, Þakhvammr, Þakkuamir, Þakhwammir, Þakkuam, Takqvam,
Takhuamer, Tackquam, Tackqwann, Tacqwam, Thaaquam, Taquam, Thaquamb, Taqvam

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